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It doesn't freeze or crash your PC.
It certainly does here. I think you must have meant to say "It doesn't freeze or crash *my* PC."

Originally Posted by Hungry Horace
then why not detail and report the bugs which are obviously quite specific to your setup to the author, (otherwise we would all be making the same complaint) rather than insultingly accusing them of "refusing" to fix bugs?
Other people have already done this and the bug has been ignored. Why would anything change if I was to put in another bug report which would be very similar to the one someone else already submitted? I suspect it would likely be a waste of my time to do so, considering the fact that this has already been done by other(s). Just because a bug doesn't manifest on every single person's system doesn't mean the bug isn't there. It certainly manifests on *some* systems, so clearly there is a bug there.
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