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Sounds like your PC/WinUAE configs are rubbish.
No, the configs are pretty standard, I also tried some other configs from various sites that are supposed to work OK, same problem.

Even if the configs were wrong, this shouldn't cause the emulator to crash/hang the host machine, at worst only the guest machine should crash/hang.

You just won the highly coveted stupid post ever award
Why, for mentioning that it has these bugs? Wouldn't it be more stupid for me to recommend something that is not working properly? Searching through previous threads I see that the problem has been experienced by other people also. Why is there a reluctance by Toni and apparently others to acknowledge that there may be bugs and to investigate and fix them? Most coders are willing to acknowledge that there may be bugs in their software, and investigate and fix reported bugs, this is normal practice. If he can't fix it, fair enough, but at least he should document the fact that the bug exists, instead of everyone pretending there's no problem.

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