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Hello everyone,

Today I recieved the following e-mail from Patricia

Hi Damien

To bring you up to date - We have decided to purchase a baptismal/christening font for the church. It is made of wood and will be a very useful, fitting long lasting (many years) memorial to Paul. A brass plaque will be fixed to it saying "In Memory of Paul Goates, 20/08/1980 to 9/03/2007, Donated By E.A.B., Family & Friends." (other donations in Paul's memory will be put towards it, hope you don't mind.) The church also has a book of remembrance, which I have yet to fill in, this will explain what EAB is.

I know this won't please everyone, but as we respect other people's cultures, beliefs, faiths etc., I hope members of EAB will respect Paul's. For those who do not agree, please look at it as a lovely memorial to Paul's life. Will let you know of further progress. Thanks again for enabling us to do this.

A picture of the font we intend to buy can be found at

Click on UK, then Furniture, then Fonts and it is the second picture down. Hope you like it!

PS. Paul's Amiga - Some of EAB's members seem to think we live in Cornwall, but it is St. Ives in Cambridgeshire (East Anglia), please could you put this right?

All the best
Thought I'd uploaded the image for everyone to see:

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