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Originally posted by Pyromania

Wow RocketMack, small world, I too worked as a Commodore Rep, in the Phillippines though. I must have sold close to 300-500 Amiga 500's and about 100 A2000's. I even sold the author of Stricq his first Amiga (an A500). He was still a C64 owner when I first met him.

The Amiga scene downtown was all about copied games and Amiga software for $2 with xerox copies of the manual. That was the only way I could get Sculpt 3D, one of the first Amiga apps I had. No copyright laws in the PI! The Filipinos knew how to use X-Copy well. Then when I went to Saudi Arabia after the PI I expected no Amiga scene but it was all about copied games there as well. That was also the first time I saw a 3 1/2 drive on SNES and Sega machines. The Saudi's had hardware that they sold to console owners so they to could buy copied games. They even had CDTV in Saudi but you had to buy all the originals, no CD-R back in 1993 haha. I hated buying Amiga mags in Saudi because they ripped out pages or colored them in with black markers. They did this to cover up any pics of women, even if it was just a shoulder or bathing suit shot showing off the scanning ablity of the Amiga.
Ah yes, to this day the Saudi's still sensor everything and if I not mistaken, it's a dry country as well
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