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Just found this board! Brings back a lot of memories of the amiga scene! I still have a few amiga's and only last week I booted one up for the first time in ages to have a look at some old source code of mine from wayyyy back!

I have made some good freinds via the amiga scene but only a few I am still in contact with some 17 years later! I still see Candy Man of Prestige aka Wizoid of Animate, and Skitzo of Choas/Damage/Destiny both really solid mates..

The People who I havent seen or heard of for years are Golum(the brummie one) Rotox(as mentioned in this thread), A lot of the old LSD lads, the amiga guys and gals who used to hang out on the 1-515-945-6000 partylines and the people who used to pull me into amiga scene Alliance conferences, The guys that was in Chaos/Damage Uk when I was. Hopefully some might read this and drop me a message.. all welcome..

As for the UK blueboxing and the walk on the wildside documentary, I remember that very well, I remember being pretty angry about the two ego trippers on that show, and on the 14th March 1994 boxing suddenly disappeared, actually it reloctated it died in 2003..

Great days and good people!

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