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Originally Posted by Bamiga2002
Ok ok i leave the "rant" out of the quote and just asking your A4000-specs. Go ahead, list all the gear your A4000 has eaten . Don't forget to hype the "highlights" too .
Sitting on the desk currently....

A4000/040 desktop with....
- Cyberstorm MkIII 060/50 PPC/200
- 128Mb RAM
- Picasso IV Card
- Paloma TV Tuner
- Adrienne Sound Card
- X-Surf III Ethernet Card
- 2 USB clockport expansions
- CD/DVD Drive
- Original HD Df:0
- External 3.5" FDD
- External 5.25" FDD
- 15" TFT Television/ Monitor
- 2Mb Chip/ 16Mb Fast on Motherboard
- Espon colour inkjet printer
- Mouse, Quickshot II+ joystick, etc.

Other gear/ spares laying about...
- Another Cyberstorm with 64Mb
- Another Picasso IV
- ZIII Fastlane SCSI card with a 1Gb SCSI HDD
- External flickerfixer/ scandoubler
- Spare joysticks, mice, oodles of software
- Spare A4000/030 complete but with a leaky battery & no RTC
- 4 A4000 Keyboards
- A dud 1942 - colours are all wrong
- More software than you can poke Bill McEwan's nose at.

So I have a little bit of gear....

Also 2 A500s, an A1200, an A1000 for the collection.

Should I start on my C-64 gear (althout has me thinking about the emulation path for this too).....?
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