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Best Deal

Recently picking up a slightly yellowed boxed A500+ with several boxes of games, 2 quickshot joysticks, ones the weird one that looks like a trackball, early version! couple of boxes of magazines, all manuals and disks, 1mb expansion in slot, all free on the way to work via freecycle! saved it from the tip! few weeks later won a boxed Amiga 1200 Desktop dynamite on ebay for £12.75, got said amiga, White! even had a hd cradle, with all manuals, disks including 2 sets of shrinkwrapped workbench 3.0 disks?! and more disks, just missing the mouse

Worst Deal

Buying a brand new A1200 Desktop dynamite in 1993, getting it home, opening box, noticing no shrinkwrap on disks, disks looking battered, testing disks, lots of errors and some disks refusing to boot, dad and i realised it wasnt quite right, took it back.... turns out they had given us a customer return! Doh! At least we got a replacement brand spanking new one in return but alas a year later.....

Having to trade in our beloved Amiga 1200 in 1994 for one of those new fangled 486 pc gadgets! still wonder where the 1200 is today! lol

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