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Well let's see...

- first and foremost a whole series of games set in the Perihelion universe!!! Sequels, add-ons, whatever. I believe its atmosphere and character design had so great a potential that it was a shame to see it wasted with one simple, linear RPG. This one could have blown away every single SSI game, had it only been properly exploited.

- the final game in the Amber trilogy

- Battletoads, the arcade port, which was miles ahead of the lame NES title.

- a remake of BodyBlows made by competent game designers, some who DO understand what is that made Street Fighter 2 so great.

- Hybris with a couple more levels.

- Banshee, same deal.

- an impeccable port of the aforementioned Street Fighter 2: super, turbo, hyper, vanilla, doesn't matter... just one that would allow us to show that "the miggy could do it".

- Captain Commando, though rather unpopular and ported many years later to SNES and PSX.

- The Curse of Monkey Island

- Frontier with more impressive graphics and sound (that would NOT mean First Encounters, obviously)

- a sequel to It Came from the Desert with loads of live-action FMV, that would span across a plethora of CD's and at the same time would NOT overlook gameplay (after all it did work for Wing Commander).

- Anyone remember Lambda?

- Mortal Kombat 3, possibly with higher specs than its predecessors

- Nascar Racing

- Nuclear War with a multiplayer option

- versions of Overlord and Dawn Patrol for high-end machines, not the scaled-down ECS ports.

- Police Quest IV (possibly ported by Revolution Software just like they did with King's Quest VI).

- the sequel to Willy Beamish that never happened

- all the Wing Commander games from WC2 on (though Prophecy would have been PPC-only, as was with Freespace), and an optimised AGA version of WC1.

- last but not least... SYNDICATE WARS !!

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