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nah people ...... you must see it from this point

for pinball dreams release, everbody spoke about not cracking it.
After the release Gaston of FLT told everyone: nah i didnt do it .... its unfair against a swedish mate ....

After some time he really said: ok ... i did it who cares

It is the evil thing to do it under another hide his action ... If i did it for Fusion or Delirium , i whould stand to it.
But i never hide for my actions i do. Every game would be cracked in the scene, that is crystal clear.
But think about it, Animal attempt a party ..everybody play his game ... he really worked for....and Gaston goes to Animal: Hey pal , somebody cracked your game and spread it. But i have nothing to do with it. Really, i think its unfair.

that is the point that is unfair and arogant, not the cracking itself.
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