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Originally Posted by DamienD
Back in the day I used to hope that some games would eventually get an Amiga release... For me it was mainly arcade conversions

Below is my list:

Mr. Do!

Slap Fight

Any games that you wish had appeared?
Not quite the same, but the Amiga did get a conversion of Mr Do! Run Run.

I would've liked to have seen an Ami conversion of Slap Fight too. Others that come to mind include:

- Mega-Apocalypse.....great Mad Planets clone with funky Rob Hubbard music and speech!

- Ninja Remix (System 3) as released on the C64 since Last Ninja 2 was so lame on the Amiga

- Pastfinder (Activision).....a very much underrated shoot 'em up IMHO

- H.E.R.O. (Activision)

- Hypersports (Ocean).....a Hyper Olympics/Track & Field clone

- NBA Jam Tournament Edition (Midway).....GameTek probably cancelled the Ami conversion before any code was even written

BTW there is an old thread that you might find interesting re: 8-bit games that should have been ported to the Ami:
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