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Originally Posted by killergorilla
My A1200 is kitted out with WHDLoad because I detest floppy disks, and I am also not a great fan of adf files because I find them awkward and limited.
I agree, I hardly ever use floppy disks any more if I can help it. They're far too slow and fragile.

Also, on a different note.... the thing is, with the whole Emulation vs The Real Thing debate, is that it's 100% personal, as all the replies here demonstrate. I have an Amiga set up, and I've spent good money on it in the past, so I do tend to use it a lot, as do a lot of people. You've also got people who can't afford/have the space to use real hardware so have to stick with emulation, also there are people who prefer emulation regardless, and so on. There is no definitive answer (regardless of what Ironclaw may think ).
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