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Originally Posted by mrbob2
Emu Vs real amiga mmmmmmmmmmmm tricky, tell you what, il go up in the loft and get my a500+ down. Il plug in the tv dongle at the back and fanny about getting it to work in colour on my tv as i have to support it with some paper as the connectors dont work very well. Il plug in my ticking PSU and hunt for my disks. Assuming none have warped over time (many are 20 years old!) il bung them in the drive and listen to hard clunking for 3 minutes while the game loads up. sure, its great using a REAL amiga but the reality is just crap!, dont get me wrong, i love my amiga and everything about it but it simply cant compare to winuae. I load up the emu and have 4000 games at my command. Floppy speed is set to turbo so it loads in secconds. emulatin my A1200 with an 040 processor and 8mb jit is faster than my REAL A1200 with a cyberstorm 060 processor and the 32mb of ram it had. Workbench on the emu loads up literally in seconds. with emu i can have ANY amiga and any combination of ram, kickstarts, hd size for ultimate compatibility with games. I dont have a beard so i dont do any of the techie stuff, i just play games and dpaint etc and so far, since 2001 ive had no probs with the emu and at the mo with 1.4.2 theres nothing it cant do. WINUAE is the best program ever written, if it cost £200 i would pay. as its free i am sooo grateful to the people who make it possible. Best emu of the best comp with the best games and the best following. ever

and if they want that TV playing feeling..NP, hook the PC up to a TV and it's all there..... there is a variety of gamepads and joysticks to choose from aswell for the PC.. or just use an adapter, like I do.. I use a psx gamepad through an psx-usb adapter... sweet... but mostly play on my keyboard anyway.... also, if they happen to have those neat plasma TVs and therefore get super crips, pefect quality picture... then they can use the filters in Winuae to add scanlines and stuff (in general ruin the picture, but some people like that, not me though ).... Winuae has it all....

just my x.x cents.... don't kill me... I'm just saying
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