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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd
True, that's why i'm using emulators. It has some nice additions to the real thing. But a real machine IS better in the aspect of "pure gameplay".
Well, the only advantage with a real amiga is that some games works better..... while winuae has all amiga has and maybe.. just maybe (mostly because of the user) some games doesn't work so good.

Nvm.... ehh.... what's the benefits of a real amiga that winuae doesn't have?.... seem to me it's just like a couple of things... so why use a real amiga with only a couple of benefits when you can use winuae which outclasses a real amiga and has like 40 times more benefits?

It's like using a Swiss Army Knife with just the knife and nothing more, when you can use a Swiss Army Knife with EVERYTHING on it plus extras...... ehmmm.... I think... I need some food.

Keep arguing guys!!. I love it.
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