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Well, Hungry Horace misunderstood me a bit... and I would like to comment on his latest comments.. (I have great comebacks to knock him of his chair)..... but don't bother..... sigh

Originally Posted by Dizzy
I prefer the real deal, no sitting by yourself with your pc, when you can getting your friend over for some fun
So, if I get your comment right, you mean you can't be 2 guys playing amiga games on a PC?..... if so... wrong! . (well, we all know you can play 2 on a pc with winuae... but still... not very common which might be what you mean. donno)... just get to joysticks and plug them in.. or both can play on the keyboard, or 1 player with a joystick and the other on the keyboard.. I play 2 player games with Hipoonios from recordedamigagames now and then.... it's great ..... sometimes we play on his monitor, other times on his plasma TV.... same experience as a real amiga to me... but now with.... a bit better in everything...

Originally Posted by Belgarath
Warp mode (end+break) instead of changing the emulated floppy drive speed is 100% compatible with adfs (or at least 99.9999%) which is a definite advantage.
Oh oh... I LOOOOOVE warpmode..
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