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blimey, must i defend every comment i make based on my OWN experience?

i'm not even saying that you might have different experiences, just my own findings, but it seems some people cant respond to that without being rude.

Originally Posted by Ironclaw
My amiga had guru too often, and virus on disks (disk not validated all the time), damaged disks etc (and over time, unavoidable).... Well, with winuae and adfs, the disks can't be damaged if you have downloaded a working version, well, you might damage it if you are stupid .... Winuae is more stable to me... almost never guru messages... only thing I get now and then are some messed gfx due to settings... which is easily fixed... but I like to play around with different settings.. but there are already made configs to make games work perfect (never use them though)....
well my amiga rarely gurus, and winuae actually crashes within windows rather than gurus under emulation.

so you are so wrong..... winuae is more stable than a real amiga and better in all ways....

it's probably YOU that sucks on using winuae and therefore your experience with a real amiga is better.
wow, what an obnoxious response! is that really neccessary?

i tell you what I have had happened and you are so dismissive? oh well.

such an offensive manner only makes me want to ignore the rest of your comments, but i'm not so stubborn as to do that.

lol?.... adfs are way faster than real floppies as in Winuae you can use turbo mode and such.... and there are uncracked versions without cracktos and stuff....
again, did i say they couldnt run faster than the real thing? no. however, they dont compare to HD, and compatibility is not 100% with faster emulated drive speeds.

please show me a cracked ADF copy of Wipe Out that does not have a cractro which requires a fairly specific setup to run.

i dont doubt there are many more... whilst SOME may be available without, not all are.

IF you decide to download one of them (which you apparently never have)
oh very clever yes. obviously becasue i dont like them, means i've never used ADFs. sheesh.

What about them???. they work perfectly in winuae.
they arent as smooth on winuae as they are on my a1200 030.


Don't know about that, or if it's in the latest version as I don't play games or want to use savestates with hd emulation. I put my games in the memory, ram or rad, that way I don't need to swap disks AND I can use savestates .
that's an intelligent method, and one that i use for HD games on PSPUAE... however, it's not the most convient method, and i'd still rather be able to just fire up the WHDLoad version and savestate along the way.

my apologies for wanting a reasoned and open discussion on the matter.
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