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Originally Posted by Ironclaw
* Winuae takes up NO space.. as it's just a program on your PC....
which means it crashes a lot more than a real amiga.

*Download games and play them directly with the adfs
ADFs are slow, full of annoying cractros, and often require a specific winuae setup to run. this is why i will use WHDLoad even on winuae rather than adfs.

*Super fast emulation... games like quake 2 ruins fluidly while you would need a super amiga (costs alot) to be able to play it as as good as in winuae.
as i said above, perfect for frontier, quake, et al. but have you compared games like Pinball Illusions, or even New Zealand Story?

the very nature of being a PC and all the refresh-rate malarky causes the scrolling to be worse.

*Save/load states!!!
dont work with HD emualtion

*It has built it..... like mentioned before, recording, and also sound/music ripper, screenshot grabber etc etc etc....
*As much harddrive space you could ever need (if you have enough space on your PC HD that is)
*If you use a laptop like me, it's a portable Amiga 500/600/1200/2000/3000 etc/PC/any other emulator there is for PC considering it's a PC laptop)
*Select any screen resolution.... stretch the screen... or apply filters....
those are all good points.

i dont mean to pick apart your comments, but there are valid reasons for and against emulation... and no one has the right to say really that either is "better" - its down to the requirements/standards of the user at the end of it all.

and that's just my x.y cents.

Bad?... it sounds perfect... even better is some cases as you can mix with the sound for better stuff.
i can only assume you have never tried to use winuae for professional sound work. it does NOT cut it,as much as id like it to - and it's true it doesnt sound quite the same
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