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Emulation vs the Real Thing


I'm sitting here looking at the amount of space absorbed by my beloved A4000 setup, and seriously pissed because....

1. I can't take it with me when I travel - and I travel a lot.
2. I can't haul it into the loungeroom to play CIV AGA there.
3. The power supply whines like a bitch compared to my work laptop.
4. Having built and used the damn thing up from scratch - what's next? It's not like I can find more and better hardware to sink into it, or obtain great new games and apps.....

So - my question to my esteemed and learned brethren - just how good is this emulation shit?

Does winUAE really pack the gear? Can I ....

1) Play Frontier with a microswitched joystick?
2) Play CIV AGA, Exodus: The last war and Dune II?
3) Run Final Writer?
4) Run Spot to relive my FidoNet days?
5) Run Directory Opus?

Just how much of a bitch is it to setup, and how solid is the emulation?

The final question: Do I split up and sell my beloved gear, and rever to the eternal life of emulation?

Thoughts, opinions - welcome.....
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