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Well, MAME fixed my arcade addiction but back then:

*Streetfighter 2 CE
*Strider, Both where great on the megadrive, amiga should have been able to do most of the stuff, especially playability.

*IK++ AGA, IK+ has great gameplay. Add 3p and some fancy graphics, the perfect selling sequel.

*Super mario bros, I hate to say it, but tight game play, a classic.

*Warhawk, just to hear the soundtrack

Otoh I just love the fact that we had Lemmings, pinball dreams and a couple of others... every time I see a top 100 games ever list that starts of with 40 SNES games, you know the guy lived in US and never got an amiga. I'm guessing the PCengine guys are laughing their asses off with every "best 8 bit games" as well.

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