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Originally Posted by Dexther
great game ( hahahahahaha) in all conversion only first level are a original but the fiction
at the level 2 are ALL turrica game ,enemy and more (only a principal sprite are diverse )
No, there is also another original later level where one has to travel through, and under, something which looks like a bombed city... (and, once again, the SHMUP-levels has been cut).

Originally Posted by EmuChicken
@ legedemain: The only "true" turrican games were 1 and 2 on the Amiga, nothing else comes close, not Mega Turrican, not Super Turrican, or Super Turrican 2... I'll admit I didnt get far in either of them, but the exploration part has been completely killed in all these console variations of the theme :/

ps : I was refering to universal soldier when I said they came out on the nes and megadrive.

EDIT: There is one thing that comes close, sorry , thats the homebrew project the Turrican for the Master System, even though only one levels completed.. it OWNNNZ!
Turrican 2 for the C64 was the 'true' original Turrican even though the Amiga version came out first. Though, I have to agree... there is nothing really that feels and plays like Turrican and Turrican II on the Amiga. Mega Turrican was originally developed for the MegaDrive/Genesis... which could be the reason for the sudden lack in exploration. Platform games for consoles, especially japanese ones, were at the time often less exploration oriented and it could have been that Factor 5 wanted to make sure the market got what they expected from a regular console platformer. Though, I don't really mind... because what the game lacks in exploration I think it offers in sheer classic and fun platforming. If there is one thing I don't really like about Mega Turrican / Turrican III it would be the fact that it feels like the graphics are inferior to the graphics in Turrican II (and the Amiga version do even lack some of the graphical features the MegaDrive version offers).
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