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It was never about CPU's. It still isn't. It was all about chipsets. Amiga was king. When Plug&Play came along the Amiga was dead. Buried. Period. In fact it was. That's history, period. On top of it all, AAA never saw the light of day. Even consoles were starting to beat the shit out of an Amiga.

The Amiga died the day they removed Jay Miner out of it.

Maybe the current retards that own AI know jackshit about chipmaking? Even Commodore didn't know what to do as far as hardware went. They bought a computer from a genius, then fucked around with it till they went chapter 11.

Jay Miner and the succeeding fucktards that have owned the Amiga IP through the years, Of Mice and Man. Of Mice and Man, gentlemen.

Casting pearls before the swine.
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