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Originally Posted by kfasheldon
This is not what they need to do, its silly and only shows how little clue thay have, to survive, grow and thrive, Amiga needs Hyperon and so should just shake hands and work together for a change, sure Hyperon were late on delivering goods, but Amiga can hardly claim to be the big sweet in this journey for the Amiga computer. Bill go shake hands, get Hyperon developers working with you toward a common goal, so what if they sponsor another Amiga clone, does it matter for now, several Amiga models (licenced in someway) have a better chance in multiple markets and its not like your gona topple MS or Apple so soon is it.
To topple them, I think the need a little bit more than homebrew motherboard with a CPU good enough to run 10year old software at the most.

Should get some hardware to make companies like NewTek and RealSoft interested in the platform again.... now that would make sense.
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