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Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson
Yep it is meant to be a film license, basically they changed some sprites around and made one or two different levels. But it is mostly Turrican 2 which has nothing to do with the actual movie, look at the end of level bosses and enemies for example. It's just a sloppy rebagded attempt at a film license.
Well, actually they also cut the SHMUP-levels.

Originally Posted by EmuChicken
came out on the snes and nes too... they both sucked :P
Turrican II never came out on the SNES. Universal Soldier was made, though it never got released. Super Turrican and Super Turrican II, though, got released... and neither were bad (according to me), just not up to the job of recreating the magic of Turrican II. And, while Super Turrican feels, in a way, like an actual Turrican IV... Super Turrican II goes way beoynd what Turrican ever was... and includes some arcade style action levels where one is driving vehicles, both in 2D and in some pesuo-3D-mode-7-style levels. I do find the game impressive... but not especially fun. And not Turrican-ish at all.

Turrican for the NES (and the Game Boy), well... while the NES one being technically impressive and also rather impressive since Trentz did EVERYTHING on that game... neither of the conversions/versions feels good to me. A shame... really... because most people not having played the originals... and only the console incarnations, will have a rather strange relationship to the series (Mega Turrican not included, since that feels like a true Turrican game even though it has more linnear levels).
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