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I just read this,.... VERY apt!

John, the current Amiga Inc. does in some sense have something to do with the Amiga homecomputer.

A VERY brief history follows:
The Amiga was originally sold by Commodore International (after having aquired the Amiga Corporation that originally developed it in the early 80's). When Commodore folded in the early 90's, the Amiga rights and assets were bought by Escom, who went bust shortly thereafter. The next Amiga owner was to be Gateway Computers. When they closed down their Amiga division, the IP rights were sold/licensed to startup company "Amino" which was later renamed Amiga Inc.

Fast forward a couple of years, and the Amiga Inc chaps find themselves in financial problems, with several legal rulings against them.
Cue the alleged "shell game" where Amiga sells off its assets and rights, in a few consecutive transactions, to a company called KMOS.
The old Amiga Inc, now having no assets to speak of and knee-deep in debt, then closes its doors for good. At the same time, KMOS gets renamed to...wait for it...."Amiga Inc." Ta-daa!
Same name, same assets, pretty much the same people running it, but apparently without debt.
Of course, the "shell-game" aspect is pure speculation, and all references to corporate dealings in the above paragraph are my own interpretations based on public information...

For refernces, Wikipedia's pretty much got most of the Amiga history:

Gateway (with a brief mention of the Amiga):
Amiga Inc: .

Finally, the Internet Archive has the various incarnations of the current (both pre- and post-KMOS) Amiga webpage: */
And also, Gateway's Amiga division can be found at the following Internet Archive destination (prior to the Amino/Amiga Inc deal): */

Pretty much the cliffnotes to the Amiga history, but hopefully it will, in a roundabout way, answer your question.

very VERY apt indeed!
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