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I think the major problem with genres when it comes to games is the cross-over games. Why? Well, because they tend to redifine the original genre and, if there are many games released which have the same cross-over style, it tends to form a new sub-genre within the original genre.

Like... in the beginning there was the space shooter (Asteroids, Galaga, what not). Which then evolved into the vertical scrolling shooter (Xevious) and later the horizontal scrolling shooter (Gradius). Confusion arose, since these kind of shooters began to have very little in common with the original space shooter... so, the new sub-category shoot'em up's was born (which in turn included the vertical style and the horizontal style). Same thing happened with the light-gun-shooters (Wild Gundman) and the rail-shooters (Microcosm, Rez), and another two sub-genres to the SHMUP were born. All because games that didn't fit into the original genre but came in such quantities that they had to have their own genre defined. With the sub-genres defined, the definition of the original genre (space shooter) made the genre change its name to shooter, which in turn held all these sub-genres. Confusing? Well, yes, because it is never static... ever... so I can't say that you or you or you are wrong... and that I am right... because there is no wrong and right, really.

I mean... should one define Turrican II as a platformer? Or a shooter? Or both, as in the run'n'gun? But then, what about the SHMUP-stages? What do we get then? A run'n'gun/SHMUP? Or should one actually call it a platformer/shooter/SHMUP? Crazy shit, it is...

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