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Originally Posted by wanderer
I wouldn't tag Turrican, SOTB, Gods, Flashback and Lionheart as platformers, they're more complex games. (these 5, not the platformers). I'd call them... arcade games!
And remember... a platformer worthy of its genre, is always, always taking place in a cutesy environment.
Some great ones that spring to mind: Rodland, Superfrog, Rainbow Islands, the James Ponds, Lupo Alberto.
Although Superfrog (Fire & Ice too) probably breaks out of the boundaries of the platformer genre, due to the extensive level-exploring and overall greatness.
Hmm it's getting late...
I know what you meant, platformer is to vage. For me it looks like this:

Single Screen Platformer:

Rainbow Island
Parasol Stars
Snow Brothers
Bubble Bobble

Scrolling Platformer:

Giana Sisters
Fire & Ice
B. C. Kid (awesome PC-Engine port of Bonk)

Run'n'Gun & Arcade games:

Turrican I & II

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