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You can't imagine how much better the Amiga versions were of EVERYTHING back in the '80s and early '90s. I shook my head in disbelief when I went to work and heard the IBM'ers talking about their machines. Their stick figure graphics and beeper sound effects made me laugh in their faces. But even when I showed them the beauty and simplicity of the Amiga's programs they stuck to their guns. I felt like my buddies were brain damaged!

Small groups of us (Amiga users) huddled together at meeting places and kept our eyes out for others. We felt like rebels.
Finally (in '89) I took orders to a base in Italy just so I could be where the Amiga was dominant, but on the base IBM was still overlord.

I worked part-time at the Base Exchange after Navy work as a Commodore Rep. I sold a lot of Amigas to families that wanted user friendly machines for themselves and their kids without needing a gazillion extras. The Amiga was an inspiration for artists of every type and age. I even did graphics for TV commercials at a local station downtown. The language barrier stopped me from getting too involved with the local people (along with Desert Storm).

I returned home to find the Amiga dead. First Person 3D games had put the IBM ahead, along with much brainwashing.
Sometimes I dream about what things would be like now if the most imaginative and advanced machine had just been accepted.

Even with it's 512k of memory we still can't emulate it 15 years later with gigabytes of memory. The Amiga had an IBM emulator back in the '80s. It worked perfect! I told them that we could have had the best of both worlds then, but they still wouldn't listen!

It irks me now as much as it did then! Today's generation will find out about it thru emulation, just as you have. Then I expect them to be angry at the direction that we were herded into.

Technology went backwards to make someone rich...:disgusted
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