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Well the CPU sounds hot and flexible, certainly faster than any other Amiga branded computer to date. But wait these news release start a buzz aright and no doubt thats what Bill is aiming for, but I ask why so much negativity here, I know we have all been let down before, things have come and gone, but as of now these computers make it around three systems coming this year, and all look good, as long as the legal mumbo jumbo is trashed and Hyperon team with Amiga Inc in getting the OS out and modifying / upgrading where required then I see no reason they cant be launched and work out OK for all of us.

All we can do is wait and see if Bill can pull of his dream and bring the Amiga back, it will need to launch with the OS, and good ports of major open source software like OpenOffice, Appache, Firefox etc along with a good developmen system encompasing a GUI designer and top class IDE for at least C++ and Java otherwise it will be a nice spec, could look nice I guess but without being ready to use it will just fall by the wayside.

Lets see, Good luck Bill !!
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