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The only good thing about Windows XP

I was speaking with an old friend of mine the other day and found out he did the Plus! Aquarium in Windows XP. I was glad that he was making a little money off something because Commodore really socked it to him in 1993 on Defender of the Crown II. They promised him over $100,000 for that and his interface design in CD32 (He made the screen you see when it boots up and or plays an Audio CD).

Well he got $0 from Commodore and they changed the CD32 interface, his original was much nicer. I have it laying around on floppy somewhere as an Amiga animation. I will u/l it to the zone if anyone is interested (I have to find it first).

Back to the Aquarium he designed. It is all done in Lightwave 3D, I sold him Lightwave in 1996 (small world) before then he was strictly a 2D Dpaint Brilliance kind of guy.

I don't normally promote screensavers especially on Windows for that matter but I will in this case because Jim Sachs is the one that created it. I know I know, buying screensavers is nuts and Twisten Ghost and I used to have a good laugh when we saw PC users do it but I will make a exception for Jim.

I did ask him "Wheres the Amiga version!". He still uses his Amiga 4000 all the time but has not kept up on the latest news. He had a heart attack when Commodore put the screws to him and the Amiga is a painting tool to him now. It is good to see that an old time Amiga artist is still around using Amiga and Lightwave 3D (PC version) even if it is just for cool screensavers.

By the way you have to buy the Windows XP Plus pack to get a limited version of Jim's work so it is better to just buy direct from him @ for $19.95. You don't need XP when you get it direct any crusty old Win95,98 etc will do.

Microsoft recommends a 750Mhz CPU with 64MB of RAM and 300MB of HD space for the new XP Plus pack, Shocking! If anyone on this board does not know who Jim Sachs is please look at the following link.
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