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Roll eyes (sarcastic) What a joke

Well, I dont really care for this at the moment, but I really had to write this

Originally Posted by News-Article
Power level product ready for Customers Winter 2007
Even if it was true, thats half a year from now... Not really soon

This new system will be offered at a suggested retail price of $ 1498.00 and be a complete offering excluding monitor in a finished design that will provide customers with everything they need to get started.
Everything they need to get started???
It states Mainboard and CPU...

There is not mentioned that it has any memory installed at all. It does not even say what sort of DDR2-Memory (533, 667, 800, ...) it will utilize.
Four EMPTY slots, what a useful computer...

I do not see a graphics card mentioned either. It has a slot for it, but doesn't come with one...
Same goes for the SATA II ports, they are there, but nothing is connected to them

Well, I clearly can NOT see where the "Everything" is in this thing ( ) they call Amiga-hardware. (not to mention they didn't say what OS it will have and what softwere it will be able to run. And for me this "Everything" would at least include something to display anything, too, like a monitor or whatever... you can not get started without any means of displaying )

I think only a lawyer that has never seen computer-hardware before can believe in this kind of joke.

Just on a sidenote: for that amount of money it is actually possible to get quite a good PC which really includes everything you need. And you would at least know what its actually capable of running
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