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Looking for Primal Rage moves list.

All I found in these forums where this list in this thread:

But that list is the same I've found on the internet, but this one is in german instead of english.

And I can't seem to do any of those moves.... I mean.... according to the lists, I should press directions to do the movies, and no fire button????. wtf.

And why does it say in HOL that this game is AGA/OCS/ECS when there clearly is no AGA graphics in the game... only 32 color screens.... even the crack intro says it's AGA... but I see no difference...... and it's all versions in one it seems.. but still.... if I run it on a a500, there's no difference on a a1200.....

and in options I can select 2 buttons controls, but the 2 buttons in game does the exact same thing..

wtf is up with all this?... anyone here got some experience with game???

I want to be able to do those cool moves, fatalities and stuff...
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