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Originally Posted by Deaths_Head
I don't know what people are bitching about, the cyberstorm ppc upgrade cards did not run at these speeds, yet people want new classic machine's, that would be more expensive to produce and inferrior.

Apparently AOS4 runs well on the Classic ppc machine so it will fly on this entry level machine.

The market is just too small to support cheap powerfull hardware like the pc.
I know it's not the best spec machine, and i would rather they ported to X86, and supported only a small number of motherboards, that would have been ideal, but hopefully this will come in the future.
Say... they support nForce3 type motherboards, and Nvidia GeForce8 gfx-cards (in PCI, AGP and PCIe mode) for example. OS4 (or whatever) might run on other boards (Like VIA chipset) but it'll be unsupported.

Is that somewhat alike to what you have in mind?
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