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A Lappytop of course would be nice.

But I think if OS4 is to make anyone any cash, it needs to run on x86 architecture.

Realistically, a whole new system for such a small market isn't a great idea. But I would LOVE to see a PCI expansion that allows backwards compatibility with all the custom chips, etc. Might be a bit messy and inefficient, but with the power of todays home computers it shouldn't be a problem.

Honestly, I think the idea of Amiga computers is dead in the water, but AmigaOS is what made them great, and if we could bring them onto today's technology, a la Linux, BSD, etc, it could become a viable inexpensive alternative for Home users and businesses alike.

And I'd be able to play Superfrog at work

Having siad all that, I am definitely in the market for one of these new entry level system, if only to say I have one
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