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They don't even have an OS. OS4 is in limbo, hyperion is sure not going to port it around as court proceedings go on. OS5 doesn't exist. Even if it does it's probably some half-assed-shite. Nothing to do with Workbench.

ACK is a borderline fraud. He failed dozens of announcements years after years, lie his way through it all, loads of complains about he just keeping other peoples hardware. Amiga Inc. seems totally obsessed about never releasing anything related to Amiga. Some even speculate that AI is taking cash from a silent bigger player on the market who just wants the Amiga brand dead. From me, no comments.

It's also clear both the ACK fraudster - who as far as we know is merely one person with a backyard soldering, and the oft-lying-never-releasing Amiga Inc, are conniving to screw Hyperion in court and attempt to steal OS4 or, more likely, just make it impossible to be sold or turn into a viable product, which it was about to with aCube. The recent Coupon recoup seems to corroborate it, they're trying to clean up evidence of malfeasance before trial. It was one of Hyperion's legal ballasts.

The whole process is horribly sordid, dishonest, and for the casual amiga user plain nauseating to watch.
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