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First fo all Gaston was one of the best amiga cracker and somebody with excellent skills. Gaston was the man behind nearly all FLT cracks 1991/1992.

But he WAS very arogant.
He did some actions, lotsa people did not really like in the scene.

For example:
cracking pinball dreams .... a scene game written by sceners.
as Animal, main coder of pd, said in an interview:

SceneNews: What made you stop the scene activity ? (and do you remember when?)
Animal / TSL: When Fairlight cracked Pinball Dreams (Hi Gaston!) cause that showed that all the talk about loyalty within the scene was just one big pile of BULLSHIT! I will never know how much more money we would have made if it would have been left uncracked, but considering the amount of people that played this game on copy parties, I guess I could have been retired by now!

A long time Gaston spread the news, that he didnt crack it , but behind the pseudo T.B.S. ( mentioned on the boards ) was no other than Gaston. Swedish crackers helped TSL to finish that excellent piece of software , but a swedish cracker released it.
Not a very fair way of support.

One time i meet Gaston on a party in DK .......
Skyline of QUARTEX and myself where sitting in front of computer doing some normal scenery chit chat about upcoming releases and bbs-systems. Gaston arrvied and started to make trouble.
First he opened his jacket and showed us his FLT t-shirt with the sentence: "Hey guys, if you dont know who i am can read it there ( pointing on the t-shirt )"
Then he started to argue with Skyline about the best german bbs. His opinion about that topic was, that when Little America ( Skyline's BBS ) would be germans best bbs , then it would be part of FLT it couldnt be germans best bbs.
Sorry .... in my eyes such a behaviour is arogant and childish.

Perhaps Galahad like him and all FLT members like him and hate me about my opinion, but in my personal eyes Gaston was an very arogant but excellent cracker. I am very sure ,that i am not alone with my opinion about Gaston.
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