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I am under the impression that AAA (Advanced Amiga Architecture) was nothing much more than a PCI compatible chunky approach with planar legacy. (not much acceleration) and virtualy nothing compaired to todays gfx cards.

what i want is an intergrated amiga not a directly emulated one, I dont mind emulating certain resources but to lump everything to the hardware, then its not much different to what i have now in my laptop..

technically if we dont think about the time involved to R&D and Eval. it woudln`t cst that much compaired to a mid to high range laptop ... say $900 ish....

in the spirt of MMORPG kindship ..... ("eat my shorts!!!"), in honesty i believe if you find a game you love stick to it!
I gamed UO (for the longest time ever.. loved that)
I gamed Dungeons and Dragons (beta tested - wasn`t impressed)
I gamed Middle Earth (Beta tested - found it lacking in anything new)
I gamed Everquest II (Player grinding is forever!!!.... slow but nice.. but slow..)
I gamed Eve.. and as much as I love the space sim... (booorrrriingg...) reminds me a lot of a turn based stratagy web game that i cannot remember!
I Gamed Streetwarz
With my possy (The Brat Pack!)... we were in the top 5 3 months in a row!! ahh back when it wasn`t a turn buyers game....

I gamed WoW (ashamed i admit it! LOL ) seriously it does have a intricate level of race and abilites but.... even with the MC-Hammer dancing Orc couldn`t keep me... this game is missing something.... hmmm

I Game GW: its an arcady form of RPG ) quick dirty and i love it!

Battle of the MMORPG
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Because its hillarious!
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And a parody of a parody!
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