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Originally Posted by Dj.Thunder
Hum, have you a Joystick connected ?

Try to remove it.

Because the game use both Joystick & Keyboard
So, if Joystick is LEFT, and Keyboard RIGHT, something like that, it won't work.

For the final release, you will be able to choose between Keyboard/Joystick.
Like I said, I do have a USB PS pad adapter that is configured fine and that we use in a majority of games/emulators. However, it is currently unplugged from the machine. I have even tried just removing the pad from the adaptor (as well as trying the other port on it as it has 2) and it still leaves my player running left. When I did attach it, I could move the player left and right, but there is a button clash for jumping and weapon use such that no matter which is pressed, jumping and weapon use seem random and unusable. Playing around, it seems the only way I can currently jump is to hold right on the k/b, and press down on the joypad. Once down is rleased, he jumps.

I do not intend to remove the joypad driver from the machine to test if this will work on it. I'll transfer the archive to my external drive any try it on my other machine in a little while to see if the problem persists there.

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