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Originally Posted by synchro
Now does anyone find that offensive... or a threat to the scene in any way ??? Its just that i offered some retro remake nutters to have a page added with some of thier fantastic games and they all went off on one....i guess it was the Ebay thing ???
Well the problem you had with the RR lads is that the remakes on their site are made for fun to be freely available (no costs involved in their distribution). Therefore no shareware releases or purchases of any kind for their software is allowed (which is fair enough).

By including them on your DVD, which you then charge for (admittedly it may only be a postage fee and/or cost for the media), does somewhat go against the spirit of their site (in effect you are "selling" their free work). The other problem is that games companies whose titles have been remade are generally OK with it (permission is often always sought before a remake is released) unless you start to make money from it - at which point they can come down on the remaker like a tonne of bricks.

In essence this is the same argument the MAME team have with sales of their freely distributable work.

Aside from that, good luck with your project, it sounds interesting.
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