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Originally Posted by synchro
lol !!!
Ok what were the other things you wanted to moan about the site

1. use gifs or pngs for that perfect crips look, not jpgs
2. the Introduction text is one space too far to the left (not centered)
3. the screenshot box's slider is not centered in the box, should be like 5 more pixels to the left... or just reduce the box's width to the slider's width.
4. the flash banner is too animated and messes with the eyes of the person viewing the site, can't 100% focus on stuff.... I mean, with a banner like that, it's annoying to read text. I suggest (if you have to have an animated banner) to have it animate every 10 secs or so, and not constantly... one animation-delay 10 secs-next animation....
5. the word "ScreenShots" should really be Screenshots, right?
6. all links doesn't work yet (I know, a wip )
7. the buttons under Emulator Links (and the text "Emulator Links") is not centered in the box, they all should be like 2 more pixles to the right.
8. the buttons Download, Information, Gallery etc is too far up, should be about 1 pixel down to be centered in the box.


I'm using IE, and donno how it looks in FF, although I have it installed, but don't like to use it.

I'm sorry, but I'm a perfectionist .

(need a lesson.... is the '[letter] only used in person names, maybe countries too?.. or is it used for objects aswell?? ie: Steve's lamp (is correct), how about the box's slider?)
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