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Well, I've just installed it and after a bit of farting about am fairly impressed with it to be fair. I've been using a miggy since 86/87 so I understand the feelings about the "classic" feel.

I've just tested it using the current beta of Toni's WinUAE 1.4.2 (10) and trying it with the 040 and 060 cpu settings - and after sorting out a few libs (basically the 68040/68060 and one of maths libs) it runs sweet as a nut.... apart from the bloody nag screen.

So for any readers from the AmiKit dev team.... sort out the 68040/60 libs that are on Aminet and include them in the package and it will be failsafe for virtually any environment from 68020 - 68060.

Although I do like this package I still prefer the ClassicWB.

I await your flames and wrath!!

BTW... job on latest releases of WinUAE!!
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