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I remember, in 1992, people with brand new 486DX-2 50 PC's sold their Pc's in a hurry to get an A1200 or A4000....... both of which was vastly slower in pure CPU-speed than their 486DX2-50's. Reason they gave me was "The Amigas can run more with less, and more efficient"

If OS4 is built on the same sources as previous OS' for the amiga, then that statement won't have become oboslete. We've "always" had slower CPUspeeds than the PC..... but we've had the better computers all the time.

A G3 sounds to me like ACK is thinking rightly. People like me won't have several hundred £ to splash out.... at most I'll have £150 at any one time. I'll be happy with an "entrylevel" as long as it's an Amiga.

I just hope now, that it's not just more ainc-type hot air.
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