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Originally Posted by Methanoid
I think I would have got more excited over a new production run of AGA Amigas... maybe with 060 as standard or a Coldfire Amiga rather than this.... Unless AOS is gonna run on x86 they might as well have just extended the "Classic" range... A4000 with PCI slots would have been do-able.. ANYTHING but this... Might as well have just re-badged Sam440 or Efika as an Amiga!
Yup - quite agree: The only two half sensible options, depending what you're after:

-'New' classic Amigas incorporating some modern-ish standards ( BoXer? )
-AOS4 for x86 ( But with AROS getting closer... )

The former could happen.., the latter..? The rest is just so much B.S.
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