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Question Help in creating a script to launch an executable...

I need some help amigos!
I want to make a script to turn off cpu caches, run the prog, and when the prog exits to enable the caches again....
the command I need to run is: gg FAST
I tried a simple script, but the cpu_enable-cache command does not execute _after_ gg quits... (reminds me of win9x DOS scripts made to unpack rip-games, I wish there was a startx command for amiga! or is there one? it launches a prog, but the batch file does not continue until startx is finished...)

why? when using a GoldeGate3/486 card on a cpu higher than 030, it is advised in order to run OK, to disable the amiga cpu caches... on my csppc with socketed oscillators, when I use the 64mhz one for the 060 the GG program does not even start! so I reverted to 50mhz, but still need a better solution to run the GG software reliably...

maybe someone can hack this to the GG executable? (keropi points at musashi5150 )

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