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Hmm ?

Are you tring to use 2 at the same time or 2 different joysticks and neither of them work?

If you are trying to use 2 joysticks at the same time, if windows is recognising both joysticks (You can check this by going to the control panel and clicking on Gaming options, if both say OK then they are both being recognised), then all you should have to do is change the options on WinUAE to mouse port 0/1 to be PC Joystick 0/1 and mouse port. However I would also like to say that I have NEVER tried to use 2 joysticks with WinUAE, so I have no expertise in this area. Try what I said above and if it works, fine if not I'll try and look into it further.

P.S. I've noticed you haven't been around lately, where ya' bin', holiday or somethin'?
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