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Originally Posted by TikTok
Hey great game jotd! I downloaded this ages ago but only got around to playing it this evening. Fantastic, I'm really impressed.

Not wanting to reopen the Java debate, but I tried games programming with Java about two years ago (when full screen modes were first introduced in SDK 1.5) and had a crazy time with compatibility and stability. It looks like things have improved a lot since then and it is possible to create really professional looking games now. Great work
thanks! I had to drop JRE 6.0 (AKA 1.6) because some stuff I'm doing (partial image copy) is not working properly with JRE 6.0 in full screen mode, although it works 100% with JRE 5.0 and with 6.0 in windowed mode!!

But JRE 5.0 sometimes crashes when opening a full screen window.
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