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Originally Posted by Mad-Matt
Whatabout pcmcia support that can be accessed by CC0: on supported hardware such as laptops ?
You are confusing emulated and real hardware. It does not matter if you have real PCCARD/PCMCIA slot or not.

I can implement "HDF/HD as emulated CF card in emulated PCMCIA slot" but it really isn't needed because you can already mount any kind of memory device (usb stick, any memory card in card reader etc..) as a harddrive which is basically same thing, but only using different Amiga-side interface.

Anyway, it will be implemented someday

EDIT: if you mean non-memory card pcmcia devices like network cards etc.. direct hardware mapping is not possible. (not possible = possible but would very unreliable, unstable, would need hardware specific support etc..)

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