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Your Valued opinion please

Many of you know me from the Tribute DVD's etc and know im a straight forward Amiga and emulation fan

Well i have been putting together an installer called "Emulation station"
Quite simply it installs all the best emu's as a front end ...It gives information about each machine...links to each emulator page...basicly its a nice front end that pre installs everything neatly for you and will be great for the emulation beginner to the scene...Buttons will open "put your roms & games here" type of thing and A nice case and cover as well like the tribute DVD and any extras i can think of.

But the main thing is there are no illigal games or roms in the station !!!

So this time i thought rather than out sending discs at my own expense ( and the tributes cost me a lot ) i thought i "could" put it on ebay as a buy it now price ( £0:00 ) but a small postage fee to cover discs and covers..Postage etc..

lets say "Buy it now £0:00 and postage and packing £2

Now does anyone find that offensive... or a threat to the scene in any way ??? Its just that i offered some retro remake nutters to have a page added with some of thier fantastic games and they all went off on one....i guess it was the Ebay thing ???

So please what do you think to the idea of using Ebay as the spreader ???
And it is only an idea at the moment !!

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