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Originally Posted by MajicMushroom

Good to see the old guys bobbing back in every now and then. I bet you can't believe Mungo and I are actually talking, and not throwing pint glasses at each other
lol - yeah - i do remember the spat about unity. And i know that the Unity idea was instigated in all good faith. Trouble was, cos you had 99.9% of the scene under 18 years old at the time, if there was a cause to start a flame war, then we (all of us) would, always take up the mantle and revel at the chance of a "ruck" (was it just us lot in the UK or were the guys in Denmark (Danish Gold anyone?) or Germany the same? - lol . I remember being mega pissed off that we werent invited in, but that was those days and like Mungo says, the smallest things mattered to us then - reputation was everything. In fact Ipec always fell under the shadow of its founder members, (Finnish and Swedish as i recall? - correct me if im wrong) - we were all budding coders / gfx artists / musicians who had been fortunate enough (via Tigger) to take on the great name. We tried to live up to it , and to i certain degree, in my opinion at least, did do. I absolutely lived for Ipec in those days. It sounds quite daft now, but ipec was everything to me / us. The whole scene thing was (and still is i have no doubt) unique and something i will always hold dear to my heart. Was an honour and a pleasure to be a part of, and it was always based on friendship (even if we did fall out from time to time) - i remember writing three page letters to my contacts (Mungo / Majic - sorry if i bored you - he he) - not cos i had to , but because i wanted to. Superb days that i will never ever forget
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