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Yes... very Sad to See what's going on with Amiga/Commodore

Every Year or Two they Dig Up the Same old Crap.
Amiga Inc. has been a Pain in the A** for Years. That's really Awkward!

As for the "Commodore"-Brand: How Many Greedy Peoples and Companies have ripped out that Name?
Examples: Escom, Gateway2000, Tulip... the list is Endless. Are there no Laws against such a Shite?
The most recent "Coup" is a "High-End-Gaming-PC" blablabla...
Come On, I don't want to Play the latest "Shooter" on a PC with the Commodore-Logo on it. That's Blasphemy

I got my 7 Classic Amigas, and 4 C64's.
No Need for some Obscure Hardware.
And, as Zetr0 said: It won't materialise.

Anyway, I've added some Amiga Inc. Pictures for your enjoyment.
They are Dated around 1999, but are still True and Funny. (Or Ture & Sad - that depends)

Click image for larger version

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Name:	AmigaPark_e.gif
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Name:	funeral_e.gif
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