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Its all About the PPC
(pointless proprietry controll )

lol no not really, but it leaves you to wonder....

dual core x86 = cheap and computationally faster than a ppc / G5x chip... no matter wich way you cut that mustard.....

the pc chip has had some good development (wich it drastically needed) IMHO is highly comparible to what an 060 felt like when i had it for my amiga.

the only sense that this ppc route makes: is to controll its distribution and limmit it in such a way (like OEM only) .... hmmmm..... realistically if you have a product you would be expected to manufactor it to the greater market.... personally I believe if they keep it to embedded ppc systems / technologies that way you would be forced to buy Official Amiga upgrades etc.... and who else knows what putred stinking little bit of pie bill-doulbe dick-mcewan and fleec-you-mossy have their thumbs in.
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