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Rochabian, thanks for the feedback.

My list scrolls round with no problems, the list itself is read in from a file rather than scanning the directory. (I'll create a tool to build the list from a directory later).

I've not changed much from the interface, just made the screenshot smaller and made the list itself wider so the game names can be a lot longer.

At the moment it runs from a one button joystick but it is VERY simple to add in functions for the other CD32 buttons, I'll have to think what these are but maybe the blue button could be used to go back to a previous menu for example.

Screenshots are supported from the screenshot directory, unfortunately they still need to be in iff mode, maybe one day I'll add datatype support for jpg/png.

As with AGS the menu kills itself before loading the game, but the difference here is that you can reload the menu with the same item showing as AGS remembers the item you last loaded.

The menu grabs all of it's information from a flatfile database (aka a text file) which contains the name of the game, the dir the game is in, some info about the game, the loading options for the game etc.
As it's a text file you'll be able to edit it manually if needs be.
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